Let your returns be

processed for you


Without a sophisticated returns management system, it can take weeks for your returned items to go back to your sellable inventory. ‘Out of stock’ means fewer happy customers and less profit.

At Returns Worldwide, we make it our business to set your returned goods on the fastest route back to forward fulfillment, leaving your business with zero hassle.

How it works

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We receive
returned goods.

The returned items come straight to our warehouse, so your business doesn’t have to deal with the return at all.

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We process
the returned items.

We inspect the goods for damages and original packaging and grade them based on their condition.

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We tell you everything
you need to know

So you can refund your customers and decide how we should proceed with the returned goods.

The next step

Once we’ve processed your returned inventory, you can choose what we do with it next.

Send the goods back to the manufacturer for credit.

Safely dispose of damaged or useless returned goods.

Relist the returned goods as sellable inventory.

Put the returned goods back into your 3PL channel.

Ready to get started?

Why return to vendor with
Returns Worldwide

Streamlined Returns 

Maximize your reverse logistics efficiency through an experienced team that utilizes industry-leading tech.

Increased Profitability

Benefit from a process that has been proven to cut costs and increase your profit margins.

Enhanced Visibility

Get 24/7 access to all of your inventory information with our cutting-edge software system.

Customer Satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction and retention with solutions that allow for easy returns.

Can you take multiple pictures of the box/ products?

Yes, we can. However, pricing will vary since there is a lot of variability in the RTV service (because most manufacturers have different requirements). Contact us to further inquire about your complete cost for RTV.

We are a return warehouse- that means we can consolidate but we do not forward the freight overseas- you will need to work with your FF for that. We can recommend great freight forwarding companies.

Yes we offer that service. Please contact us to inquire about the cost. 

Yes. For the simplest way to RTV, Contact us.

Yes. For customized FBA services, Contact us.

We have a basic cost which includes a certain amount of units per month- after that, there are add-on services depending on your needs. Contact us for a quote.

For the basic services, we give ourselves 24 hours, but the returns are usually completed sooner.

We integrate with Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Shopify to pull the returns information.

Yes, in order for us to help you, we will need that info.


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