Returns are inevitable.

Make them profitable.

If you are like most businesses, dealing with returns is one of your biggest headaches. Processing and transferring returned goods back to your sellable inventory is a tedious task that takes up precious time, or worse- the stuff sits around doing nothing but wasting your storage space. 

At Returns Worldwide, we take over the entire reverse logistics process from start to finish, circumventing you, your business, and your warehouse, leaving you to focus on sales. All you get is profit. 

How it works

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Why manage your Returns for Recommerce
with Returns Worldwide?

Complete control

We utilize tech to keep you in the know about when and where your items are being sold.

100% Transparency

Save money through managed returns in a partnership device of upfront or hidden fees.

Hassle-free Management

Focus on sales and scaling your business while we deal with the stress of your returns.

Revenue Generation

Increase profitability with a proven system that has saved of over $1b of products from landfills.

Complete Returns FAQs

What are the costs for your services?

We have no upfront fee for our services- our charge is strictly a revenue share of what we recover. We send the payments once the items are sold.

Our revenue share split depends on the average price of your products as well as their product category and volume.

For items that don’t get sold, you can either take them back or we can liquidate them.

We are successful in getting around 85% of items back into sellable status, one way or another.

We are your outsourced returns depot- we get the goods straight back from your customer or from Amazon FBA directly- so you never have to see or touch the returns!

Yes, of course. Contact us for the perfect returns solution.

Yes, of course. Contact us for the perfect returns solution.

Unfortunately, because we do not charge you to accept, inspect, list, and resell the products, we need to ensure we can resell whatever we can, which would be extremely difficult if some parts are removed. You can use the pick-and-pack option from our 3PL department for replacement parts.

While we offer to resell your items for you (Returns for Recommerce) and offer an RTV service too, we cannot mix and match these two services on a single account.


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